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I have several cases standing up waiting to be consumed. Some bottles have been standing up for over a year, which makes me wonder if I should lay some of them back down again. The problem is, every time I think about opening, say, a 1997 Napa cab, I then win something much older at auction, and the 1997 goes back to the end of the line. Confused
I only stand up wines >20 years old, which are relatively rare experiences for me. For anything younger (most cabs 10-15 years old, etc) I just pull out of the racks carefully and decant right away. Sediment tends to stick to the side of the bottle and is rarely a problem.

Currently I do have an 89 Pichon Lalande standing up for this weekend.
IB, I don't keep any records on my cellar. Half the fun is rummaging around and discovering some long-forgotten bottle. So I don't know the average age, or even the total size, of my collection, although I suspect the total size ranks in the lower half of forumites.

Just for fun, I took a quick inventory of everything standing up at the moment:

(1) 1966 Sauternes
(1) 1968 Cal CS
(1) 1969 Cal CS
(1) 1970 Sauternes
(1) 1973 Barolo
(1) 1975 Bdx
(1) 1976 Bdx
(1) 1978 Bdx
(3) 1979 Bdx
(1) 1980 Sauternes
(1) 1981 Cal CS
(2) 1983 Cal CS
(3) 1983 Bdx
(3) 1985 Bdx
(1) 1985 Sauternes
(1) 1987 Cal CS
(1) 1990 Cal CS
(1) 1991 Cal CS
(6) 1992 Cal CS
(1) 1992 Bdx
(2) 1993 Cal CS
(1) 1993 Burgundy
(2) 1993 Bdx
(2) 1994 Cal CS
(1) 1994 Bdx
(3) 1995 Cal CS
(1) 1995 Bdx
(1) 1995 Cal Rhone-style blend
(2) 1996 Cal CS
(1) 1996 Oregon PN
(1) 1996 BDM
(1) 1996 Rhone
(1) 1996 Aussie CS
(3) 1997 Cal CS
(6) 1997 Cal zinfandel
(1) 1997 Cal petite syrah
(1) 1997 Cal PN
(1) 1998 Cal Rhone-style blend
(1) 1999 Oregon PN
(1) 1999 Montepulciano
last and probably least:
(1) 2005 Clos du Bois Zinfandel
and for cooking:
(1) 2009 Charles Shaw Merlot

Wow, that's more than five cases of wine that needs to be drunk yesterday, or yesterdecade! Smile
Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by BRR:
Not really answering the question, thristy man.

I stood up a 1998 Leonetti Walla Walla Cab recently. We'll see how it goes - I hope it's not over the hill. Forgot I had it - whoops.

I have some '98 Leonetti as well.

Never thought about it being past prime. Eek

I don't imagine it will be, but I had a couple of mid-90s Leonetti Cabs from my dad's cellar that were a little tired within the last year. Very possibly could be a storage issue there, though.
My offsite storage is an hour away, and things get pretty well stirred up during the ride. So I try to give bottles 3 weeks or more standing up before I pop the corks.

I'm with thirsty man on this one. I usually have about 3 cases of various stuff standing up. Right now that group includes:

1991s: Forman, Beringer Reserve, Mondavi Reserve, Hess & Silverado
1990 Pichon Longueville
1990 Mondavi Reserve
2004 Leroy Bourgogne
1987 Forman
2001, 2003-2005 Concha y Toro Don Melchor
Old Laurel Glens: '86, '91, '92, '95 & '96
2001-2004 Neal Family cabs
Plus a bunch of other younger/lesser stuff in which I usually find a little sediment that I just have at the ready for a "Tuesday night"- like the 2007 Domaine Garrigue CdR Cuvee Romaine.

I try to keep a nice variety in the mix & at the ready.
Originally posted by KSC02:
Originally posted by DoktaP:
I'm still trying to twist an arm or two to make a cameo appearance Wink


Checking into airfares...... Wink

Currently standing are:

-77 Dow
-77 Gould Campbell
-83 Gould Campbell
-08 Noon
-09 Carnival of Love
-06 l'Aventure Cote a Cote
-98 Baron de Pichon-Longueville (yes, really....)

One port and one dry will die to mark the first football Sunday of the season! Cool
Originally posted by DoktaP:
Just added 1983 Palmer to the above list.

Some (experts) would say the '83 Palmer is the wine of the vintage. I've enjoyed it 4 times, but found significant bottle variation.

Were they all from your cellar? And did the better bottles validate the "experts"?

Thanks in advance for your response!

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