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irwin posted:

Just started to read Doris Kearns Goodwin's baseball book, "Wait 'Til Next Year."  Seems like an appropriate title.

Speaking of baseball, I am currently reading in order all of Philips Roth's books. His first real novel after Portnoy's Complaint is the 370 page, pretty much forgotten, The Great American Novel. It's about the decades long career of sportswriter Word Smith who used to write the, "One Man's Opinion column in the [non-existent] Finest Family Newspapers back in the days of the [non-existent third baseball league called the] Patriot League (1920s.)" While fictional there are more baseball facts and stories in this book than any I can image. Real players, coaches, stats from the 20s to the 70s are blended with a totally over the top writing that would eventually lead Roth to be the leading fiction writer of his generation.

Just finished Blood of Empire Book 3 of the Gods of Blood and Powder series in the Powder Mage world by Brian McClellan - very satisfying and entertaining.

Just started Age of Death by Michael Sullivan - Book 4 of the Legends of the First Empire series.

Also Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan - Book 11 of Wheel of Time - I have been waiting for both of these for so long - I needed a refresher for characters and events 


@jcocktosten posted:

A Gathering Storm - Book 12 Wheel of Time.  About 1/3 done. First book in series written by Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan's death.   As I am a big Sanderson fan, I actually am enjoying it more I have to admit.  I really disliked Book 10 of this series.   

Finished that, finished Book 13 -  Towers of Midnight - now on the final book 14 - A Memory of Light

The end is in sight.  

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