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Neil Young - Comes a Time.  After spending the last few days in 80km/h winds at near freezing temperatures, eyes watering, teeth chattering, and singing 'four strong winds' under my breath as a distraction it seems like the right album now that i'm back home.  Already kind of sad I'm not back in that tree stand tomorrow before light.

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robsutherland posted:
My new meze 99 classics headphones. Bloody brilliant. Looks amazing as well.

Damn you all to hell, Mr Sutherland. 

I'm now waiting for mine to arrive... along with the Classics Iridium.


It's a good deal! You'll love the headphones. I"ll bring mine to Sherry Christmas. 

Very nice. 

I have greatly enjoyed my Sennheiser headphones during a year of over 100k miles of travel.

W+A, I have Sennheiser HD 600 phones and LOVE them. Very neutral EQ and an extremely wide sound stage. 

But as Rob The Enabler pointed out to me, the Sennheisers are open back and I can only use them in situations when no one else is around. So I'm looking forward to the Meze.

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