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Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

I was just a few days ago that it was time to listen to this and Surf's Up again....

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Went down the rabbit hole of Shatner spoken word. Lucy in the Sky, Strawberry Fields, Rocket Man, Common People...

that's a deep hole.   my favourite is still rocket man.

Jake Bugg.  An amazing young English singer/songwriter.  His first CD "Jake Bugg" (released in 2012) has lots of early electric Dylan, Donovan, Beatles.  Highly recommended.  His second CD is not as "fresh," but still worth a listen.

Joey. Monk. Live!  

Fantastic tribute to Thelonious Monk by the young talent, Joey Alexander and his trio. Live recording from Jazz at Lincoln Center.

How about my 9 yo daughter turning me on to music?  She calls out Ocean Man by Ween, and I listen and its my theme song, literally.  Now were listening to The Mollusk.  If i never had kids, I'd have a hole in my heart as big as the Mons Olympus that I'd never even known existed.

Audioslave station on Pandora. There is a nice mix of Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog sprinkled in. Damn, I miss Chris Cornell.

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I am by no means a religious or spiritual person; however, I am amazed by some of the music that Dylan was putting out during his "Christian phase."  I attended a few concerts during those years.  I did not like the Christian message, but loved the energy.  His mid- to late-1981 concerts were an interesting mix of Christian stuff and his earlier "secular" songs.  This is to say that I am finally getting up the nerve to listen to the Sony/Columbia "Bootleg Series Vol. 13" of Dylan releases.  I have to say that it is fascinating.  This is brilliant.  Penn Jillette (the magician, comedian, etc.) wrote very moving notes for this release.  I don't agree with all his points, but they are interesting, heartfelt, and personal.  I heartily recommend either the 2-CD version or, if you are a Dylan enthusiast, the Deluxe version (8 CDs plus a DVD).   Again, I am not a religious person, but this is powerful musical art.

Near constant music since waking today... (making up for lost time not listening the past week?)

Beethoven “Pathetique” sonata; Daniel Barenboim

The Stones

Buffalo Springfield / CSN&Y / Neil Young 

(mix) The Doors, Petty, Eagles, Janis, Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, etc

Mendelssohn Overtures; London Symphony Orchestra, Claudio Abbado

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