Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

On vinyl. Finally got my turntable repaired. Constant speed and a new cartridge. Smile
I am getting lots of listening in:

Emmylou Harris and Elvis Costello - Live at Ryman. This is an unreleased bootleg. Very good. Dave Rawlings and Gilian Welch sit in for a few songs.

Port St. Willow - Not my favorite

Jay Fararr and Yim Yames - Net Multitudes. Eh.

Sean Hayes - Alabama Chicken. Like.

Neil Young - Americana. Some are bad; some are good.

Willy Tea Taylor. Some good some bad.

More to come.
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Old Elton John, Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin. A lovely excursion down memory lane with my wife.

Sat at The Irish Harp in NOTL Thursday night and listened to a guy play this genre for over three hours - you woulda loved it...
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Soul Asylum Hang Time.

Great album!

I'm listening to the new CD's by Everclear and Peter Murphy. Very awesome stuff!
The Clash--London Calling...

...but not on my ipod. I heard it on an NBC commercial for the London Summer Olympics. Confused
Now, I don't claim to be a huge Clash fan, or even well versed; they came a little after my golden age of music. But it seems to me that using one of their iconic songs for commercialization would be the antipathy of what they seemed to believe in.
They're also reputed to have shunned profit motivations in the music industry. I wonder how much NBC paid for the rights? Just weird.
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Sutherland & Pavarotti. Cool

Yup, that's the one I had on.
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James Brown - Live at the Apollo

Cool love it.

It's pretty awesome, though I could do without his "catalog of the fallen" speech....

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