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Originally posted by steve8:
Tanglenet, thanks for that trivia. I wasn't aware that he played some of the guitar on that album. I assumed it was Ronnie Wood on Hot Stuff, as it's obviously not Keith's style.

This morning I'm listening to

Mozart Symphonies 36 & 38, Sir Charles Mackerras & the Prague Chamber Orchestra.

I also stumbled on this. It has more info that I ever knew existed on this album:
Joe Walsh Live "You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind"
Before he joined the Eagles. Better than the Eagles.

Yikes, this album released 30 years ago. Heard "Walk Away" while driving this weekend and dug it out of my vinyl collection tonight.
Still sounds good to me. The only thing missing was the frequent bubbling sound that accompanied it 30 years ago.

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