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How about Thin Lizzy? They had a big hit with The Boys Are Back in Town.

You are not too old or out of touch. I like weird music. Some call it "progressive" or "experimental". I like haveing cds that have not been played to death on the radio. I still listen to the radio to stay current and keep some neccesary classics (cds) lying around.
Originally posted by tanglenet:

If you like Tommy Bolin, you may like a guitar solo he did with Billy Cobham on a song called Quadrant 4. High speed, frentic, flashy and wild...

I like your style Tanglenet,

I have the "Spectrum" cd which has Qudrant 4 and Tommy Bolin plays throughout the whole cd. I also like Alphonse Mouzon "Mind Transplant" with Bolin as well and I think the next cd I will buy is Mahavishnu Orchestra "Inner Mounting Flame". No Tommy Bolin but a great cd none the less.
Wow. I forgot about the Inner Mounting Flame. I had it on cassette eons ago and burned the tape out from listening to it.

I bought the Bolin box set when it came out and was disappointed and turned around and sold it. I remember a song that he did on an LP which did not make it to the box set (which was one of the reasons I bought it the thing). It was a song titled "coke" or "peruvian flake" or something like that. It had some hot guitar, but I haven't heard it in years so my memory may have enhanced it.

By the way, I listened to Quadrant 4 before I went to work this am. It still held up!
A little different for me, but I can't get enough of Neil Diamond's new disc "12 Songs".

Very mellow stuff. Very acoustic and incredibly produced by Rick Rubin.

Maybe that is why I like it so much... after all, Rubin has also recently produced System of a Down, Slipknot, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash.

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