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The Mars Volta - the new album and the EP (just got them)
Green Day (American Idiot - STILL!!!)
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Rancid - Let's Go - Still great after 10 years....
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On the iPod today...
Kasabian - Kasabian (monster!)
Green Day - American Idiot (Quality album - their best since Dookie)
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment (OK. Not as good as I expected.)
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (not sure about this one yet)
Muse - Absolution (every home should have one)
Muse - Origin Of Symmetry (ditto)
Originally posted by Trigirl:
This very second is Kelly Clarkson, Since U Been Gone. Yeah, I said Kelly Clarkson. Red Face

It's alright though. She's an American Idol. If you don't like her, you don't like America. Cool

That's like saying if you don't like White Zinfandel you don't like California. Huh?
Originally posted by grossie:
Not much 'cept maybe the Killers. Great CD.

Deryl- could you have your 14-year-old send me an email. I need some new siht. Smile

Originally stated by my 14 year old: Dad, I wish I had been born in your time. That's when all the good music was made.

He's wearing me out on Led Zep and AC/DC.
Originally posted by pysco-rotie:
I heard Celine Dion has been griping about the Vegas crowds. She was saying something about the people being tired and jet lagged, not showing enthusiasm, falling asleep in the seats, etc. Well, you can bet that never happened when the King played Vegas baby.

Probably never even happened to Wayne Newton either.
That happened to me the one time I saw her...barely made it there carrying my briefcase into Caesar's Palace...sitting by myself...huffing and puffing...trying to adjust to the two hour time difference since I was an early sleeper back then. I was tired, very tired, but the show was fantastic and I would see it again and again and again.

She is not the best performer in the world; however, Dralion, the show's producer makes it one of the best shows I have ever seen.

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