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@winetarelli posted:

Knopfler is a genuinely brilliant guitarist. Many of their songs are great. “Sultans of Swing” is an all-time great rock song.

Believe it or not, first time I heard Money for Nothing and saw the video I was in a Crazy Eddie store in lower Manhattan as guys were unloading merchandise on the shop floor, pretty much exactly the scenario in the song.

@jcocktosten posted:

Tonight was listening to Tunnel of Love and Romeo and Juliet.

My dad's best friend was their tour guide in the 80s in Israel and said they were incredibly nice

And the song Brothers in Arms rules

Also Knofler did the soundtrack for the Princess Bride and many other films

The guitar solo on “Tunnel of Love” is simply incredible.

And the soundtrack to The Princess Bride is perfect.

I can imagine Knopfler is nice, but good to know.  👍

Exile on Main Street turns 50 today. You guys can argue mask or no mask, which POTUS is worse, is the country racist, but this album should be in everyone's Top 10 of all time.

It's funny...a buddy gave me this album on vinyl a couple of years ago, and I had no idea what it was just by the cover.  Once I figured it out, I probably had an inquisitive look on my face and he said "it's one of the greatest albums of all time".  I listen to a lot of different styles of music, but I tell everyone that my education/love of music began with Duran Duran during the 80s when my older sister would take care of me at home after school everyday.  I guess I never went back to listen to the Stones (though I have enjoyed quite a few of their songs when covered...I for sure thought  "Under My Thumb" was a Social Distortion original).

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