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Anyone in here own a iPod Nano? I am having problems transfering the tunes from iTunes onto my iPod. I am using a VAIO laptop with Windows and keep getting error messages relating to default audio types and access priveleges. The tunes download into iTunes but they are not trasnferred from iTunes onto my iPod

Anyone have these sort of problems? If so, any suggestions how to remedy them?
The City of Fullerton, CA abruptly removed all 17 of Slayer's promotional bus benches. Twenty years of equipment and stage production was stolen out of their warehouse. Their 2006 U.S. Tour due to kick off 6.6.06 had to be postponed due to band member Tom Araya's emergency surgery. But none of these roadblocks prevented Slayer's brand new album, "Christ Illusion" (American Recordings/WBR), from making the highest chart debut of the band's career, coming in at #5 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chart.
Setting up my wife's new iPod 1GB (drawing tunes from my 30GB)....

Going through the good stuff......

But beat this......

Against The Wind - Bob Segar (Is there a better Rock song recorded since?)

Bruce Springsteen - Not fair - Thunder Roads, Badlands, The River, Atlantic City......

Dave Matthews - Crash Into Me.... (wife hates it so stop there)

David Bowie - Changes, Ziggy, Young Americans, Ashes, China Girl, Modern Love..... I'm out!!!!!!

To be continued.....
Thanks Steve,

Music is usually a good place to start when meeting people! I have always loved drinking wine and now have been bit by the bug to start collecting for the future. I know I should turn and run as it has already started some obsessive behavior.
Need to learn a lot though. And after spending a lot of time on car boards I knew the best info is found in the message communities ( not all!) So here I am .


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