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Southern Cross - Crosby Stills and Nash 

I've always had a soft spot for this song.  Inane lyrics (unless you're the person who wrote them, I guess).  The sweetness of a 12 string guitar and Stills' gritty voice is quite appealing.  Spent my 15th-17th years in the southern hemisphere, so very familiar with the constellation.  Damn, I think I agree with napa on something.  


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Just listened to 'Thick as a Brick', I love how that album is a mockery of the prog genre but such a great prog album.

Legend - From the Fjords  Amazing rarity from the 70s now on Apple Music.

Impelliteri - Screaming Symphony

Re: Tull, not quite the same, but

"Whiter Shade of Pale" and "I am the Walrus" are also two songs meant to poke fun at how seriously many were taking lyrics at the time and are also two of the best rock songs out there.

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It sounds like you just discovered this? Not a dig, I'm just surprised given your love of 60's rock. There are several good performances on Rock and Roll Circus, most notably that of The Who.

I did just discover it.  It was unreleased until 1996 and my love of the era comes from my dad, so he didn't know about it.  I knew the rest of the set, but this performance was never televised.  I didn't see it until I saw reference on Twitter.  I love everything about it, but Lennon's voice is just incredible on it.

Richard Thompson - Hand of Kindness
Ich ging zu Mamas Badezimmer und holte einen ihrer Tampons. Ich machte mich dann auf die Suche nach John und als ich ihn fand, wollte ich seine Eier um seinen Hals treten. Ich wusste, dass er das Handy genommen hatte, um seinen Freunden zu zeigen, wie ich mit dem Dildo meine Kirsche kaputt machte . Ich hatte Schmerzen und war verdammt verrückt! Ich marschiere direkt zur Forttür und trete sie auf. Wenn ich nicht so viele Schmerzen gehabt hätte, hätte ich laut gelacht. Dort waren sie mit einer Hand auf ihren Schwänzen und der anderen, die das Handy herumreichten. Ich sagte: "Gib mir das verdammte Telefon." John fing an und Matt nahm es aus seiner Hand. Ich sah Matt an und sagte: "Gib mir das verdammte Telefon, oder ich würde ihn in die Eier treten." Er gab mir schnell das Telefon. Ich fand das Video, das John mit dem Dildo von mir aufgenommen hatte und löschte es. Ich warf John das Telefon zu und stürmte davon.
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"Led Zeppelin Wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Copyright Battle as Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case"

Now what about The Lemon Song? "In December 1972, Arc Music, owner of the publishing rights to Howlin' Wolf's songs, sued Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement on "The Lemon Song". The parties settled out of court. Though the amount was not disclosed, Howlin' Wolf received a check for US$45,123 from Arc Music immediately following the suit, and subsequent releases included a co-songwriter credit for him."--Wikipedia

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