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Highway 61 Revisited

Perhaps my favorite album of all time.

Right now... Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs -- another inarguable top 10 for me, and one I'd not listened to in months. Magic.

You were truly born too late! Wink

We children of baby boomers listen to the same music our parents listened to. We cannot help it. It is just better.
I've assembled a playlist of songs that the individual Beatles released as solo recordings in 1970-1971, so that if they hadn't broken up, this is how their next album after Abbey Road might have shaped up:

Side one:
1. Every Night (Paul from "McCartney")
2. Imagine (John from "Imagine")
3. Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul from "McCartney")
4. What is Life (George from "All Things Must Pass)
5. Teddy Boy (Paul from "McCartney)
6. Instant Karma (John, single)

Side two:
1. My Sweet Lord (Harrison from "All Things Must Pass)
2. Heart of the Country (Paul from "Ram")
3. Jealous Guy (John from "Imagine")
4. It Don't Come Easy (Ringo, single)
5. Junk (Paul, from "McCartney")
6. Oh My Love (John, from "Imagine")

The usual allotment of two songs for George and one for Ringo to sing is preserved.

Will probably tweak the song choices and running order some more.

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