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Originally posted by BRR:
Originally posted by MJAlbers:
The Best of The Alan Parsons Project

When I read this, I immediately thought of Dr. Evil and Scott and their exchange over the Alan Parsons Project laser. Hilarious!

That's because you are Scott, whippersnapper. Wink
I think I wore out my Tales of Mystery and Imagination LP back in the 70's.
Originally posted by Maverick:
Diana Krall

So Nice

Look Of Love

Walk On By

Fly Me To The Moon

She has just taken the top-spot for being the next future "Mrs.Maverick".

Mav, have you been living under a rock for the last decade? Razz

Krall stole the show at the Montreal Jazz Festival, and catch it if you can. Checkout Quiet Nights, and the wonderful Bossa Nova influence she adds.

When you are needing an IPR for your current S.O or wife, think Krall. Wink

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