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Originally posted by steve8:
Springsteen - Devils and Dust

Hey Steve. Nice enough choice. I gotta say though, when you generally think of the Boss, none of D&D really fits the picture. LOL.


Well I've got God on my side
And I'm just trying to survive
What if what you do to survive
Kills the things you love
Fear's a dangerous thing
It can turn your heart black you can trust
It'll take your God filled soul
Fill it with devils and dust

It'll take your God filled soul

Fill it with devils and dust
System of a Down - "Violent Pornography" from Mezmerize.
I can't understand how these guys mix thrash metal, Armenian traditional hooks and finger snapping choruses into 3 minute catchy tunes. Confused Big Grin Crazy stuff but I love it.

Hey TBIRD - What was the name of the band that you said you absolutely loved at Otis' but couldn't remember the name?
Originally posted by KillerB:
I was listening to a band called Mojo Rib earlier. New stuff, pretty good. There was this track called SUI-Sayanora - starts off like Fireball by Deep Purple but Ian Paice appears to be playing paint buckets, mind you my headphones are buggered.

paint buckets. hilarious! Razz

all fixed now, btw. or as fixed as it's gonna be.

now to record the next phase("payback for the mudshark". you gotta admit the brilliant title!)... Cool
Originally posted by spo1977:
Originally posted by TBird:
F5(dave ellefson) - a drug for all seasons

He left Megadeth. I lost interest in them a while ago but I heard their last cd had Chris Poland on guitar and it was supposed to be good.

i don't think he "left". i think mustaine didn't "invite" him back. this disc isn't bad, but it certainly isn't anything close to megadeth. 12 songs and comes in barely over 36 minutes. and they cover an edie brickell song... Eek
Easy to track what I listen to... I just look at my iTunes receipts or sort my purchased music by date added. I'm pretty eclectic and, lately, nostalgic. Believe it or not:

Kanye West

Big Band
Lotsa Sinatra (Luck be a Lady - Luvit)

White Stripes
Stone Roses
Happy Mondays
The Who
Mammas & the Pappas (YES THE EFFING M&Ps!)

Luthher Vandross

Assorted Latin
Filling out my Miles collection

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