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Alice in Chains - Angry Chair


Sitting on an angry chair
Angry walls that steal the air
Stomach hurts and I dont care

What do I see across the way
See myself molded in clay
Stares at me, yeah Im afraid
Changing the shape of his face

Candles red I have a pair
Shadows dancing everywhere
Burning on the angry chair

Little boy made a mistake
Pink cloud has now turned to gray
All that I want is to play
Get on your knees, time to pray, boy
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Okkervil River - The Stand Ins

Who? Are they similar to The Replacements or The Substitutes?
I hosted a Halloween party last night and we listened to a mix of Halloween songs. The winner, imo:

Ministry - Every Day is Halloween
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Garth Brooks - The Hits

Yeehaw! Razz

It isn't only you Texans who can get their country on!!! Big Grin

The third track on their new album (sorry, don't know the name of the song, but the album is Viva la Vida) is exceptional compared to most of th drivel these days. Best new popular song I've heard in a very long time.
The new John Legend album, Evolver. bought it for the song "Greenlight", but the rest of the album is pretty darn good. This guy is very talented.

Man, I love Itunes.
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The HDH Auction, live stream, in Chicago
You get anything?

No no. I'm in 'tourist' mode (thus far).

Enjoyable to watch however. Some beautiful wines going off. Most going for lower estimates thusfar, but for the rediculous Screaming Eagles. Went off above high estimates. Eek

Nice way to get a 'snapshot' of the market at this time.
W+a - quick question for you and others. when did you start actually enjoying classical music? I listened to some in college because it was the thing to do, and can enjoy some pieces and performances, but would never, at least now, in my mid-30s, buy or listen to just classical music. I dont' mean this as anything other than curiousity and wondering if it is personal style thing or if you just grew into it as you get older.

Dale451, no umbrage taking whatsoever.

You stated " listened in college because it was the thing to do, begs the question... where did you go to college? Wink

As to your question, my taste in life is hyper eclectic, including music. I have a passion for the finer things in many specific genres in my life, and music being one. I have an Aunt only 7 years older than I. She was a classically trained ballerina. I was always dragged to see her as a young boy, and was exposed to many things classic early in my life. Perhaps that is where it started, never thought of it really.

Music like many genres have much ebb and flow, and many times we will endure centuries between true genius. Put much of what is being created today through the filter of time. What music today will be selling and studied 300 years from now in major Universities around the world?

Have you ever read, Human Accomplishment, The Pursuit of Excellence?

Now, do not get me going on the subject of ART! Wink
w+a - I went to Yale University and for several years spent a lot of time listening to various forms of classical music. I consider myself to have a very ecletic taste in music as well, but for some reason, just can't get myself to really enjoy most classical music, and definately not as something to just pop in and listen to for 1/2 hour. I consider myself rather well educated, both socially, historically and with the arts, but this is one piece that just leaves me scratching my head.

And while I have not read this [human accomplishment], one of my earliest, and most treasured gifts from my father was a full set of the "The Story of
Civilization" by will and ariel durant. Over the years, I would guess that I have read almost 80-90%, which, if you know the set, is pretty daunting. I love history and the way that the world repeats itself and yet evolves as the same time, but again, this one genre just doesn't float my boat (yet?).
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Dale you are not alone. I also have a pretty eclectic music library, but I just can’t get into classical. My father in-law is all classical all the time and after a couple of hours I have serious thoughts of taking a louisville slugger to his stereo. But, just like wine, the best thing about music is there are styles for everyone.
Originally posted by Dale451:

this one genre just doesn't float my boat (yet?).

...much like current style Zin for me. Wink

Thanks for the insight on yourself. We should talk more often.

Do you have a strong preference in art?

W+A - My tastes in art run the gamut as well, but I am much more a "feel" kind of guy if we are talking about paintings. I really enjoy Paul Klee, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Gaugin and Cezanne, Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky and Ludwig Kirchner.

It really depends on the mood, I guess (as does anything that is supposed to evoke a feeling inside of you). I am really into photography and so do spend a lot of time with this medium and enjoy Tadasuke Akiyama, Timothy Allen and others. What people can "create" with a camera while looking at the same scene as you is amazing to me. I have two young boys, who are the subject matter of much of what I do, but I have thousands of cherished memories printed and locked up on disc that I will always have of them growing up.

And yourself, where does your art interest lie?
last night, Gypsy Kings, while drinking a Hacienda Monasterio (and yes, I know that the Gypsy Kings are French, but speak Spanish), but the feel is much more spanish to me then French, thus my choice of wine, or my choice of music based upon the selection of wine? either way, it was a nice, mellow Sunday night after 5 flag football games over the weekend.

Originally posted by Dale451:
last night, Gypsy Kings, while drinking a Hacienda Monasterio (and yes, I know that the Gypsy Kings are French, but speak Spanish), but the feel is much more spanish to me then French, thus my choice of wine, or my choice of music based upon the selection of wine? either way, it was a nice, mellow Sunday night after 5 flag football games over the weekend.


Dale, I saw them on their last show in the U.S. this year before they headed back to France.

They performed in our small symphony hall and put on one heck of a show, and yes, I would also drink Spanish. Cool
w+a - that is great. I have seen them three times, all in small venues and really enjoy their music and the energy at shows. They put on a great live performance.

The issue, to me, is what to drink when listening to Enigma (monks/trance music). I was leaning towards Chartreuse or Champagne, but am thinking that I may have to break down and buy a newly legal bottle of Absinthe and see how that works.

I’ve been enjoying classical music since early high school and I just couldn’t imagine my life without it. And I also enjoy a wide variety of music. There are just simply too many moments in life when only a certain type or piece of music will justify. There are times when the wail of Plant singing "Aaaahh, ah" from the "Immigrant Song" or the simple pounding thunder of Angus in “Girl's Got Rhythm” that nothing else can evoke such a visceral response either listening alone or with others. But the same truth holds for moments of reflection such as the pastoral beauty found in LB’s 6th or enjoying a fine dinner with friends with a Mozart piano concerto.

Denying oneself a style of music because of its genre is like denying yourself a great wine because of the varietal - I just don’t understand that approach. Over the weekend, I listened to Loretta Lynn, My Morning Jacket, Usher, Black Sabbath, Coltrane, Free, Prince, Duffy, Beethoven and Brahms, just to name a few.

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