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Back in early 80's, I was in a heavy metal band... I liked it alright, but had a problem because the chicks who jumped on me smelled funny. And so I quit the band and traded my leather pants and spiky bracelets for a pair of light blue jeans, Nikes and a jacket with rolled up sleeves and hit the disco floor where girls looked pretty and smelled like flowers.


Crystal Castles is an enormously important band. This remix is an exxxaguration of sorts.
I was just listening to You enjoy Myself as I walked in the door from this morning's walk.

iPod shuffled a nice hippie walk this morning:
Neil Young (Sugar Mtn)
Grateful dead (Ripple)
Hendrix (electric hear my train a comin' - fantastic)
Grateful Dead (Friend of the Devil)
Bob Marley (Cry to Me)
Beatles (Taxman)
Hendrix (She's So Fine - can't win 'em all)
Neil Young (Cinnamon Girl)
Hnk Mobley (Me 'n You)
KC and the Sunshine band (Get Donw tonight - huh?)
Phish (YEM)
Originally posted by CaliCab:
Hey, GA...not that I'm a big fan, but you should go back to Gabriel-era and just-post-Gabriel-era Genesis before you totally dismiss Phil. He's actually a great drummer...
I'm not a big Genesis fan but I can assure you I've heard virtually everything he's ever recorded.

I stand by my earlier comments. If he'd stuck to playing the drums and never tried to sing, he'd still suck, just not as hard.

Have you ever heard "Sussudio"? Eek

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