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Not a single Kenny G post? come on this is a wine board Razz

You must be on the wrong board. eRobertParker is the next site over. Razz Wink Big Grin
Right now I'm listening to Howard Stern Cool on my iPod.

Later I'll be listening to Gordon Lightfoot at his concert at Massey tonight! Sweet.
"Weld" Live Double Album- Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Right now "Cortez The Killer" is playing

The song rocks but makes me feel ashamed to be a White man. Sorry Aztecs.
Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk vol. 1 & 2

If anybody likes it funky, these are some rare grooves from the 60's. Mostly singles that are not available anywhere anymore.
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"The Essential Mingus Big Band"

For any jazz fans out there, this disc is a must.

It's good to see another jazz fan on the board. "The three M's" - Miles, Mingus and Monk. Haven't explored Mingus -- yet.
System of a Down - Mesmerize

This band is truly warped. I don't know how screaming and thrash metal can be catchy, but it is on this new CD.

Slayer-like speed metal one second and Greek Wedding music the next. Confused Big Grin
Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Collaborator)

Live at SoHo, Santa Barbara, 5-14-05 (Last Saturday)

Tim was cool enough to let me patch into the board and I got a sweet crispy recording.

Anyone want a copy? I'll mail out three freebies (Analog RCA>>Marantz CDR100 >>.wav>>>CD) to the first trio that email me:

Sons of Champlin - Welcome To The Dance
Byrds - 100 Years From Now
Grateful Dead - Deal [2.9.73]
Sly and the Family Stone - Thank You [falettinme be mice elf]
Savoy Brown Blues Band - Life's One Act Play
Zombies - She's Not There
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons
Mothers of Invention - Let's Make The Water Turn Black

The boardroom next to my office is currently rocking with "We are the Champions, We are the Champions... No time for losers, cause we are the Champions.... of the world!"

Ah Fridays in the office.


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