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@The Old Man posted:

I hope you got the joke, I don't think AthA is really the name of the group. I've been an outsider to music for about 35 years.

I got it. A while ago you posted about not being sure which was the name of the artist and the album/song on some of the posts on this thread. In this case Antenna to the Afterworld is indeed the name of the album.

Despite your admission of being an outsider you seem to have pretty strong opinions on the state of music these days (see rock and folk are dead threads).

@steve8 posted:

REM - Life's Rich Pageant

I've been listening to quite a bit of their music recently. Such a great band.

Really like their 80's stuff (was prime college fare for me) and been listening to them and other 80's favorites lately that I have not listened to in awhile.  Funny how some of that period has aged well, while others border on unlistenable (a lot of synth based). 

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