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Black Keys - Let's Rock!

First listen I thought, "OK this is pretty good. Slicker and poppier than I expected, though." Now I have it pretty much on a constant loop and at least 5 of the songs are stuck permanently in my head. Super hooky. Great production. So many influences: Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, T Rex, Stealer's Wheel, CCR...

I expect I'll be totally sick of it by September, but right now it's my top choice for summer soundtrack. (And it's great running music.)

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Live at Woodstock

Holy crap, this is amazing. The whole set is great, but if you only listen to one track, check out "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know".

The back story: BS&T was the brainchild of Al Kooper who formed the band not long after The Blues Project disbanded. (Paging vinoevelo.)  This song is from the first BS&T album and Al Kooper sang lead on the original. But Kooper left the band after that first album and they hired David Clayton-Thomas as the new lead singer in mid-1968. So this performance at Woodstock is about a year after he joined the band. And he makes it his own. A powerhouse performance.

BS&T isn't in the Woodstock film because their manager told the festival organizers to turn off the cameras because they hadn't agreed (or been paid) to be filmed. 

But the audio of pretty much every song by every artist at Woodstock was recorded. There's an ongoing bootleg project to compile the best available versions of every Woodstock performance -- -- but many of the tracks were barely listenable. Also, a number of full sets have been released on CD in recent years (Hendrix, Joplin, Santana, etc.).

But last week Rhino released a limited-edition (1969 copies) 35-CD box set of the entire concert. They had access to the original master recordings. The set included every song, every artist, all with fully restored audio. It also included the Blu-Ray of the film, books, and a bunch of other swag. Retail cost was $800 and it sold out immediately.

The good news is that a few more full sets were also released last week including BS&T, Creedence, Joan Baez and Mountain. These are all on Apple Music.

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