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What I would have listened to tonight if I picked the music: anything by Miles Davis; a collection of "greatest hits" by Howlin Wolf or Bo Diddley, either of Elvis Costello's first two albums, The Clash London Calling, and perhaps some Nickelback.

What I ended up listening to, courtesty of my 3 year old: Barney goes to the beach; the Sesame Street Alphabet song, The Wiggles doing "Cold Spaghetti, and of course, the Farmer in the Dell sung 100 times.
lights out in london, ufo

catfish blues, robert petaway

well i laid down....down last night

well i tried toooo... take my reeeeest

notion struck me last night

i bleave i, i bleeeeave i

i bleave i'll take a stroll out west

take a stroll out west

take a strooooll oooohouuuut west.... strooooll out west

when i fry all those catfish mammas

i saw swimin' deep darlin'... in the deep blue sea

i be leavin' tha gal now sweet mamma

i be settin' out hooks for meat

settin' out hooouuuooks for meat

settin' out hooks fooohoor meat

settin' out hooks for meeeeeaaat

well i went down.. yes

doooown to tha church house... yes

well i call on me to pray

fell on my knees, now mamma

not a word to say

not a word to say

play em man

play em a long time

i'm gonna write me a letter

write me a letter babe

just to see if she's thinkin' o' me

thinkiiiin' o' me

el cameron de isla

heart full of soul, chris isaak

holy diver, dio
Anyone in here own a iPod Nano? I am having problems transfering the tunes from iTunes onto my iPod. I am using a VAIO laptop with Windows and keep getting error messages relating to default audio types and access priveleges. The tunes download into iTunes but they are not trasnferred from iTunes onto my iPod

Anyone have these sort of problems? If so, any suggestions how to remedy them?

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