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Greetings fellow travellers! I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing the musical recommendations that each of you have shared and getting to know each of you a little via your musical tastes.

I must say that music has played a significant role in my life. While I'm not a practitioner of the musical arts, I am most certainly a devoted follower.

Most recently I have rediscovered an album that I listened to frequently in my late thirties:

"Stories Across Borders" by the duo of Richard Barbieri and Steve Jansen.

If you are unaware of these names, you might recognize the name of a band of which both gentlemen were members: Japan.

If one were to categorize this album, it might best be labelled as "art rock", but I prefer to think of it as a dreamscape for the disenfranchised and lonely – which is how you could describe me at that point in my life. I had lost my way, my North Star, and I was at low ebb. I will share more of this story at a later date, but suffice to say that it was music that played a significant and stabilizing role in my life at the time, and this album in particular still resonates with me.
Originally posted by steve8:
The Beatles - Abbey Road

I'm not a big Beatles fan but I must admit it does sound great playing on my new turntable. Superb production.

I can't count the number of friends who have had epiphanies when hearing this album on vinyl and played with a good analog system. It is, indeed, a superbly produced recording.
Originally posted by bomba503:
Originally posted by Arsenal4ever:
As one who grew up across the street from The Cove in Solana Beach and spent 25 years looking at the water, I know how the ocean can make people sanctimonious, especially when other parts of the US are freezing. Cool

Catch any memorable shows at the Belly Up?

JJ Cale w/ David Lindley
Leftover Salmon
Cool I've seen many there as well over the last 25 years. Always love seeing X and Dave Wakling. Many memorable Beat Farmer shows. Countless others through the years

Probably the most memorable show was the Pleasure Barons with Country Dick Montana, Mojo Nixon and Dave Alvin in early 90's. It was like being in the middle of a bar fight

Some great upcoming shows. David Lindley in early January. Pat Travers, Pato Baton, Fishbone, English Beat, Kris Kristoferson, Al Stewart and Cracker/Camper Von Beethoven all booked over next few weeks also. One of the best small clubs in America for live music and certainly one of my faves. Blessed to live ten minutes away.

The Stones actually played a private show there a few years ago. It's the reason they started their 2015 US Tour at Petco Park. It was a party for Ralph Whitworth and his new wife. He had terminal Cancer and its was essentially his good bye party with friends. Word on the street was he paid them $2M to play.
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La Paloma still exists and is even closer to me but just old movies. Rocky Horror, Surf flicks, Indies etc. About 15 years ago Pearl Jam played a surprise gig before starting their tour due to Eddie's roots in Encinitas but that is the last i remember.

The shows you mention would likely end up at Humphreys or somewhere downtown these days.
No I grew up in NJ outside Philly. Been here since early 91 (except a brief return back east from 94 to 97). Both my kids are at SDA (what they call San Dieguito now) now. Ive got lots of friends that went there and you may know some depending upon age. Also my next door neighbor went there as did her mom. Last name is Piel.
Originally posted by Shane T.:
The Dance, Fleetwood Mac.

Still the best live album ever produced, IMO.

I guess you have yet to hear Waiting for Columbus yet. Razz

Seriously, I don't know this albums and thought it must be Peter Green days with Oh, well on it. Live recordings are my thing, music-wise, so I'll have to check it...they must have been on a good one, coked out of their minds as they were back then. Of course, what rock star wasn't.
Originally posted by Jabe11:
Visited friend who stored, then sort of assumed, my lp collection.
John Mayall, a banquet of blues
Doors, absolutely live
Geoff and Maria, pottery pie
Sonny Rollins, next album
Savoy Brown, hellbound train
Dave Mason, headkeeper
Santana III
Big brother and holding co's first album
A couple more I can't recall.

Savoy Brown was in constant rotation on my turntable back in the day. Hellbound Train, Raw Sienna and Street Corner Talking. Loved Kim Simmonds.

Around the same time, I also couldn't get enough of Rory Gallagher and early Johnny Winter (his first half dozen albums up to and including Still Alive and Well).

Damn... now I know what my playlist is going to be this afternoon.

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