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Metallica - Hardwired to Self Destruct. Just finished the first listen of the new release. For the most, part, I really like it. A mix of fast and mid-tempo songs. Minor quibbles are Kirk Hammett's continued over-use of a wah pedal, and Lars teasing with double-bass blasts that he won't bother with in a live setting. I like the production better than Death Magnetic. While I'd like the bass higher in the mix, it's more prominent than in DM. Kind of a background rumble. I can see the album growing on me.
The Land of Hope and Dreams
The Rising

Walk On

In a year that has been as challenging as any for myself and a few of those closest to me, its time to reflect on the battles already fought, the victories won and the battles yet to be waged. Feeling thankful!

Music is as much of a gift to our souls as food and wine. Im thankful for this thread started over 10 years ago now hundreds of pages long full of posts filled with another passion many of us share. Its uplifting to stop in here having met many of you, looking forward to meeting more of you and sharing the music that fills our lives. At the same time Im thankful this thread avoids the negativity that plagues so many others. Hoping for more positive vibes in 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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