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Chilling out with some Art Tatum, currently

Going to switch out some CDs of Dead shows. I've been listening to these on the commute:
4-21-69 the Ark, Boston
4-22-69 the ark
4-26-69 Electric theater, Chicago
4-27-69 Labor Temple, Minneapolis
5-3-69 winterland
7-7-69 Piedmont park, Atlanta
9-7-69 Jeferson Airplane's house*
10-25-69 winter-land
11-2-69 Family Dog, SF

8-7-71 convention hall, San Diego
4-14-72 Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen
2-9-73 roscoe mapales pavilion, Stanford
11-14-73 San Diego sports arena
4-27-77 Capitol theatre, Passaic, NJ
11-14-78 San Diego sports arena
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Mahler Das Lied von der Erde

I feel my Mahler obsession coming back. Not sure that's a good thing.

No, it's a great thing. Mahler is it...

Tonight, Smashing Pumpkins, MCIS.

Could Billy be the modern-day Mahler?! Chew on that one...

Well, I'm hooked on Mahler already. My obsession is rearing it's head because I'm getting more recordings of stuff I already have. I'm listening to my new recording of the 3rd right now. I have had the Bernstein recording on DG for a long time and am now listening to the Kubelik performance, and know there are other great ones to hear also. Sigh.
I’m listening to John Prine’s first album and can’t believe that (like Dylan) a 24-yr old kid wrote and sings this stuff! Amazing. What also mystifies me, a little, is how a kid from Maywood, IL (a Chicago suburb) sounds like a road weary veteran of old dusty southern back roads. Kris Kristofferson gets credit for “discovering” him, but it was actually another Chicago boy, the late great Steve Goodman.

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