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The Complete Woodstock 3.1

Great bootleg that pulls together every known audio clip from the fest, from the best audio sources, in chronological order. A total of about 25 hours.

It includes almost full sets from nearly every artist including all those that didn't make it into the film or on the soundtrack albums: The Band, Johnny Winter, CCR, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Grateful Dead, etc.
There's a good CD called The Movies Go to the Opera which, as the name suggests, is a compilation of opera pieces that were featured in mostly well-known films. I've been listening to it this morning.

One of the songs is José Carreras singing Nessun Dorma (The Witches of Eastwick), which I love. Pavarotti always got all the accolades for this aria, but to my untrained ear, Carreras does not take a back seat to him at all. Anyway, a most enjoyable collection of opera music. I never tire of listening to this occasionally.
Originally posted by vinole:
The "all clear" announcement after having to "shelter in place" for 1.5 hrs as some clown decided to send a law firm in our building an envelope with powder in it that turned out to be corn starch. Roll Eyes

At times likes these, don't you just wish that you had a "DEXTER" in your city to help right these wrongs!?

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