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Jerry Lee Lewis: Live at the Star Club, Hamburg, 1964.

Got this from a friend. Wonderful stuff. My only complaint is that he regularly inserts his name into the lyrics. Irritating. But JLL and the band are smokin' on this recording.


It's really one of his trademarks.
Huey Lewis and the News - I never had any records (, cassettes) by the guy, but I always thought he had some cool songs....
The Kinks, Destroyer
Van Halen downloads followed
Which brings me to the Jascha Heifetz CD I have been listening to in my car to/fro work for a few days. A lot has been written about his playing and his detractors point to his lack of feeling, and mechanical playing. After hearing his Havanaise a number of times consecutively, I believe this has merit. This absolutely beautiful piece of music needs a soft, soulful touch, and his playing can come across as rather stiff.

No matter: of violin, where placement on the fingerboard is significantly affected by a fraction of a millimetre, mechanical precision trumps many things. And it is in this he is a master among masters, as the Lalo and Ravel (et al) pieces attest. An inspiration....

Anyway, back to my guitar...working on Capt Walker/Its a boy.
The Strypes

~16 years old (ie. each member is about 16 years of age). Out of nowhere. (Well, Ireland.) But their famous fans include Elton John, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. Saw them on Letterman last night. Listening to several other tracks right now. If they have a good learning curve, they will just explode in a couple of years. The real deal. Wow. Very early The Who / Led Zepplin / The Kinks smushed together. (Only problem is the singer is the weak link.)

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