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Gary Clark Jr.

Gonna see him in Hyde Park in London on July 6, a few hours before the Stones go on stage!

Nice! Jealous...
I'm not a big fan of Handel but I have about a dozen discs. I'm playing them through today. Listened to the royal fireworks and water music, now the concerto a duo cori, next will be the Ode to St Cecilia's Day (which I really do like)
Sweet inspiration.

Tedeschi/Trucks band

Mike Mattison's voice rocks as lead vocalist.

Play this at the end of a party, real late at night in front of a fire, and let the dancing ensue.
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James Gang.

Wow, life is too strange. This morning I was thinking of a college friend from the early 70s.

Then I read the name of this group, who I haven't thought of in 40 years.

So Tom and I were driving along in 1971 and at the exact same instance started singing, from Walk Away "Seems to me..."

In addition they are in that big bomb of a movie Zachariah written by the greatest comedy group that ever lived--The Firesign Theatre.

Flashback-------- Woot

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