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My ears are still ringing from the Rolling Stones show in Toronto tonight.

Good show.... nothing unexpected.....

Cool to see Mick run at least 10k on the massive stage at his age and still be able to sing.

Sound was good but not great. Keef's solos were hard to hear but dead on.

I hate to say it, but it was exactly as I expected (and I saw them 2 years ago and 10 years ago).
Originally posted by spo1977:
"Yes. If you didn't see them live, in the day, I feel for you."

"I saw the Damned on the Machine Gun Etiquette tour - madness."

They were before my time, during that tour I was about 3. I became aware of them in the last few years though, great punk band.

I'm pretty certain there were some three year olds at the gig I went to.

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