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Went to visit some family in Napa, swung by the downtown tasting room for Mayacamas on Friday.  Great little tasting:

2018 Chard was really nice.  Refreshing and tons of mineral character.

2016 Merlot was pretty good, though not sure it was worth the price of admission

2003/2005/2014 Cabernet.  Really fun to taste these three side-by-side.  The 14 was great, but so young.  The 03 ended up being my favorite, and surprisingly had a little bit more fruit character than the 05, which had a bit more of the tobacco/leather thing going on.  

I have been pleasantly surprised by some 2003's lately.  Had a 03 Beringer Private Reserve last night, and I thought it was delicious.  For what I thought was supposed to be a down vintage, these two bottles were out of the park.  

DifferentDave popped a 1970 Dows and a 1970  Warres.

Both decanted for 4-5 hours before tasting.

The Dows was slightly greenish, with hints of that condensed milk.  This was surprising to me since my bottles of Dow have been much lighter.

The warres are mature and excellent,  I acutally had called this btl the dow 1970.  Lovely delicate mouthfeel that lingers with just that touch of berry sweetness.  The main taste offers red berries cooked with all spice and cinnamon but in a lovely medium light bodied liqour.  The finish is a lovely minute long sweet root beer note.  Pretty close to a perfect port.

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