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At the Wagner's Super Bowl Party, we'll be serving...

Homemade Spinach Dip in a Pumpernickel Loaf
Tostitos with Salsa
"Ball Park" Pretzels with various dipping mustards
Crackers w/ a Homemade Bleu, Goat and Mascarpone Cheese spread

Low and Slow cooked BBQ Spare Ribs
Homemade Beans
Homemade Cole Slaw
Homemade Corn Muffins

Homemade Cupcakes

No wine… only beer, which hasn’t been purchased yet. Bet we’ll get some stouts, porter, and a lighter beer. A lot of cooking on Saturday!!! Big Grin
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For 16 people:

my own recipe for nachos
assorted cheeses and crackers
Shrimp with 2 dipping sauces-cocktail and aioli
pigs in blankets
cashew, raisin, M&M mix
crudite with garlic Caesar and clam dips
chip and dip
tortilla chips and salsa and guacamole
grilled marinated skirt steak bits on toothpicks

Main course:
Catered platters from a great local deli

Fruit platter
Assorted cakes and cookies

Wine, beer, soda, iced tea, water, coffee, tea
Originally posted by Maverick:
I'll be making/having ribs, wings, pizza and chilli. All of which are fantastic.

For a seemless experience, serve lots of chilled NV Peptobismol with that menu.

Myself, I am having a light lunch of lobster and Champagne with a friend from South Africa and then we plan to attend an underground theatre performance in a bad part of town.
Superbowl is never wine friedly around here. We are going to be having Flubis Famous smoked tri tip nachos, some hot wings, then I smoke up some kielbasa, then cut and toss that in the chicken holding pan to soak with the wings so there is something for all that sauce when the wings are gone Big Grin Our final big thing will be fish tacos. Home made salsas, guacamole, salsa verde, and crema with lime.

My neighbor brewed up 10 gallons of beer for us to drink and desserts are store bought. No women allowed so it's just the guys, beer, the game, poker, darts, food and fun.
had made a:

- asian fresh noodel/veggis soup

- horse tenderloin with sella-rice and broccoli

- french jura vacherin mont dor (rawmilk)


- pizzoccheri valtellinesi (rainer was in haven)

- oven glazed pear with piedmont hazelnuts
and homemade tahiti-vanilla-icecream

we enjoyed one bottle

bricco rocche barolo brunate 1997

dunn hovel mountain 2001

clemens busch riesling auslese*** 2001

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