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Great topic.  Not necessarily 'great' wines, but some of my go tos...

Soave DOC, they had the 2018 Pra' Otto at SD wine co for $14.99.  I think DOC reg is at least 90% garganega.  Anselmi makes a good IGT, it  is 100% Garganega, but something he does is not DOC permitted.  The San Vincenzo bottling is typically the best received.

Albarino from Galicia, try Pazo de Senoras, I believe Vintage wines usually carries this

2nd the Gruner Veltliner.   The Smaragd bottlings in general are the highest quality, some even maybe great, with FX Pilcher being a benchmark.  Never seen them locally, so wine-searcher is your best bet, at least when the weather cools down.

No love for Chenin Blanc? From the Loire and South Africa. I'm sure you don't need to be told about Huet (any bottling) and maybe not Baumard (Clos du Papillon) in Vouvray. An excellent QPR is the white Chinon from Couly-Dutheil (Les Chanteaux).

From South Africa, the ancient vine series with unpronounceable names from Sadie Family, single vineyard old vines from Badenhorst and the FMC from Ken Forrester.


Oh wait...ok fine, excluding Riesling, I would also point out Grüner Veltliner, which I've been exploring a bit recently. The typical "big" names are producers like FX Pichler, Hirtzberger, Knoll, etc...their Smaragds can be impressive, but are big wines. I would check out Prager, whose wines are much fresher and energetic.

I love Gewurztraminer as well, but it is not the kind of wine I want on a regular basis.

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