Westvleteren in the US

Yes - I too tried and failed. Also call shops around Northern California and was told "sold out." Was informed by a third party that City Beer Store, San Francisco was selling their allotment @ Noon Thursday with the suggestion of getting in line early. If this leads scores some I ask for a sample.......... Good luck!
I was lucky with this as nobody where I live seemed to clue in on the fact that this is a one time release. I bought 4 packs a few months ago and I still saw some hanging around as of a couple weeks ago so I bought some more lol. Not cheap, but so worth it! Amazing stuff.
Originally posted by Jonanator:
I walked by a couple liquor stores that probably have 6+ packs left. Been sitting there for a while. I would be happy to purchase it and send it down if there was an easy way to ship this to the states. I'm in Canada so not sure how it would work...

That is exceedingly nice of you.

I am not sure how it works, either, but would be happy to to try.

Anybody know where I can learn about shipping to the US?
Jonanator that is incredibly kind and generous offer!!

From a Federal perspective, shipping by Fedex should be fine.

From a state level to California since the interested parties are only in California, I think it should be fine since California has a pretty open shipping policy with all the wineries.

If you ship either FedEx or UPS, technically they only ship from senders who are approved merchants and I think the prohibit personal shipping of alcohol.

So my colleague's husband is a craft beer brewer and he ships samples of beer in growlers and 24 oz bottles all over the country through Fedex. Listed as "yeast samples" and he says that nobody has given him a hard time. I do some live coral plugs brokering on the side and "may or may not have" used FedEx to ship live coral specimens internationally. Basically, if you don't tell them it's something they don't ship, they won't reject it.

However, I wouldn't want to pose any sort of risk or hassle on anyone so if there's a better, easier, safer solution, that'd be great to hear!
Well if you feel Fedex will be fine, I would be more than happy to send you the Westvleteren. Let me know how many cases you want and I will go buy them today or tomorrow.

Email me at j o n a t h a n d a l e h o @ g-m-a-i-l.com

EDIT: I am just doing some reading and I'm not sure I can send alcohol across the border or even across provinces unless I hold a liquor license..
Hey Jonanator,
please contact me auntboy at mac dot com.
I'll paypal you the money and send you a really nice bottle if you'd go to the trouble of buying a couple of bricks for me!
I can figure out a way to get them from you later, but I'd be super grateful if you'd snag 2 or 3 for me!
Let me know.

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