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So, this is something I've been doing at my place for the past month. The celebrity chef in the kitchen is no other than, the Artist, DJ Hombre.

Everyone bring a bottle or wine or two, pitch in for the cost on dinner ingridients and we have a fun night with good wine and wonderful food from DJ Hombre.

So, here is an open invitation for those that would like to join us. There are four spots open every Wednesday, maybe more, depending on the week.

If you would like to come join us, please make advance reservation. Wink Priority will be given to traveling forumites.

06.08.05 - Steven Rigisich(2), JO(2
06.22.05 - goofy yno(4)?
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From my understanding, Chinese Hot Pots are similar to fondue. A bunch of raw ingredients are brought out (such as vegetables and chicken) and each person puts into the hot pot what they want cooked. After it is done cooking, you pull it out and eat it.

I think a white will pair nicely with most traditional hot pot ingredients.

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