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Went to a tasting of all Washington wines last night. Didn't take any detailed TN's, just jotted down a few notes on each wine.

2003 Columbia Crest Two Vines Shiraz
2003 Columbia Crest Two Vines Cabernet Sauvignon
2003 Columbia Crest Two Vines Cabernet/Merlot

Cab/Merlot was the best of the bunch, followed by the Shiraz. If you're looking for a good cheap everyday wine, these are hard to beat. No heat, no real flaws in any of the wines. Just simple and easy to drink.

1999 Domaine Ste Michell Luxe - Nice sparkling wine. Toast and tropical fruits on the palate. Coated the tongue.

2003 Ste Michelle Eroica Riesling - Solid wine as always
2003 Ste Michelle Canoe Ridge Chardonnay - Butter and oak dominated, fruits hidden. Not to my liking.
2003 Ste Michelle Cold Creek Chardonnay - Same as above
2003 Ste Michelle Ethos Chardonnay - More my style, crisp, smooth, with subtle minerals and fruits.

All of these had been opened from 1-3 hours before the tasting. The one exception was the Stella Maris.

2002 Ste Michelle Reserve Merlot - Incredible nose. Very rich and lush. Great fruit, and spice. My 2nd favorite of the night.
2002 Ste Michelle Reserve Syrah - A little tight, but has great potential. Earth and leather on the nose. Dark fruits and earth on the palate.
2002 Ste Michelle Canoe Ridge Cabernet - Cherry(Thats all I have written down Roll Eyes)
2002 Ste Michelle Cold Creek Cabernet - Gobs of fruits; mostly cherry and blackberry. Fairly tight as well, but enjoyed it.
1998 Ste Michelle Col Solare Red - WOW. Dark Purple, lush feeling, coats the tongue with a finish that lingers on forever. Chocolate, currant, black fruits, spice, with earthy hints. Loved this. WOTN.
2002 Northstar Stella Maris Red - Tasted out of a bottle that was opened right before it was poured. Very tight, lots of cherry on the nose.
2000 Northstar Merlot - No notes. But I remember enjoying this one.
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Thanks for the notes Chilly. Two Vines has been by house wine for awhile. Regularly on sale in Ohio for $7. I prefer the Cab, with the Shiraz being pretty good too. Never had the Cab/Merlot blend but don't care too much for the merlot.

I'm also a big fan of CSM and think the merlots and cabs are routinely good QPRs and quite nice. Good to see the 2002 vintage is pretty good.
If you're looking for everyday drinkers, you found the right wineries. But really, they are the equivalent of Bud and Miller. With a few exceptions, most serious winedrinking locals avoid them.
Many finer representations of Washington wines are on this board if you seek them out.

Boy, where's Sir Willy when you need her?
Wine Nightly-

K Vintners' winemaker released a second label called the Magnificent Wine Company. They've put out a couple of impressive red blends I've seen consistently at $10. The 2002 vintage (first release) was AWESOME, but 2003 is a step down. Still, they're powerful wines and a great drink if you're looking for an equal to Columbia Crest, etc. in the range.

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