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Two of my favorites are the Village Pub (pricey) in Woodside (next to Palo Alto) or Lamie Donia in downtown Palo Alto. I really like Lamie Donia- great atmosphere, reasonable prices, excellent quality and very friendly staff. The corkage at Lamie Dinia is $15. I know you can bring your wine to the Village Pub, but I don't know the corkage fee. Neither is a "steakhouse" per se, but always have steak on the menu.
Another very charming restaurant is John Bentley's - also in Woodside. I used to love the place, but stopped eating there after 2-3 bad experiences of poor service and marginal food.
Less recommended, but more "steakhouse", are Macarthur Park and Sundance Mining Company- both in Palo Alto. I've never eaten at Sundance so I can't comment on that one.
For over-priced, so-so food and bad service, you could try Spagos in Palo Alto.

Hope this is of some help.

We have been to Sundance, was not real impressed. Not bad mind you, just did not wow. Also attended a BV GdLT tasting/dinner at Spago's, also not overly impressed although food was good. My son is a freshman at Stanford and we are going out for parent's weekend in a couple weeks. He loves a good steak over everything else. If we had the time we'd just take him into the city for dinner, but that does not seem to be in the cards for this visit. We might try McArthur park or Lamie Donia. We need to find some place near there for these visits that will satify all. Thanks for your help,


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