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Mojitos are sort of like California Merlot, they can't seem to get any respect, but I'm a fan in the right situation, ie the Keys. It will be my drink of choice when I go to Hawaii next month. I tend to limit the amount of sweetness, but generally I find them refreshing and a lot less filling than the usual beach drinks.
here's my recipe.

one pint glass
3 sugar cubes
1 oz lime juice
bacardi silver
mt gay
soda water

1. Put mint, sugar cubes, and one lime wedge in the pint glass with a splash of soda. Muddle well.

2. Fill the rest of the pint glass with ice.

3. Fill 3/4 of glass with equal parts of mt gay and bacardi.

4. Add lime juice and shake very well.

5. Pour mixture from shaker back into pint glass while pouring soda at the same time to fill glass.

For a nice "variant" on the recipe, add fresh rasberries, passionfruit, mandarine oranges, ripe mango, peaches, or anything that's ripe and fresh.
I saw this thread and suddenly remembered one of my aquaintances (he trains bartenders) telling me about the various kinds of mojitos he tends to make.

So I figured this would be a good time to recap what he was talking about. Any mistakes below are mine and mine alone.

4cl White rhum
1/2 lime in slices
2-4 teaspoons of sugar
ice/crushed ice
fresh mint leaves 6-10 (depending on how intensive the flavor is; supermarket mint tends to be pretty tame)

Put the slices of lime, the mint leaves and sugar into a glass and crush. Then add ice, rhum and top up with soda.

If you want to make a Mojito Royal, leave out half the rhum and then substitute the soda with sparkling wine. Or if you feel like wasting good Champagne, do that. (By the book.)

Well, that’s the basics. The beauty of it is that you can improvise as long as you use ingredients that taste fresh.

NOW, try subsituting the mint with fresh rosemary or adding rosemary and mint 50/50. Passion fruit is another alternative, just as Otis testified. If you have access to fresh forest berries such as blueberries an perhaps redcurrant (why not blackcurrant) add them in as well together with the mint.

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