Being that my post is considered spam, I don't think I should promote this any further. It wasn't my intention to spam, as I thought this was the appropriate forum for this, but as evidenced by the replies, it isn't.
WOWza... you guys are harsh! Don't kill the guy for trying... Maybe you have forgotten that this is about learning wine. Vince...dont worry about these guys... they have too much free time...and apperantly way more versed in wine than than the rest of us...

Vince, the problem wasn't your choice of forums to post this in. It was having post #1 on the same day that you registered be a commercial post. It just doesn't fit the definition of spam any better.

And it doesn't matter how nice you are or how useful the information may be. The members here don't want these forums to become littered with turds from people looking to promote their products or websites, and this is a case where the best defense is a good offense. Drive them off, make the posts not profitable, and it will discourage others from wasting their time here.

That said, I'd suggest you stick around. There's alot to learn and many opportunities to contribute. If people get to know more about your level of knowledge and views on wine, they'll be more receptive to the more subtle forms of advertising that fly under the spam-dar around here.

These are steps that would be too much trouble for a true spammer but should be very rewarding for a wine lover. Just a thought.
Thanks for the insight, SD. I completely understand and, of course, you (and others) are correct. Again, my apologies and I will participate here to "earn my stripes".
I think incorporating your Wine shop At Home website in your signature should be enough. I recently also joined and may also do the same.

Difficult to determine where to advertise...isn't it?

Vince Matal
Idependent Wine Consultant

Is it spam if he spells his title? Smile

He is a polite spammer - I'll give him that.

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