One thing that drives my wife crazy is redundancy.
Like "Close proximity" or "Bisect in half", etc.
So, this past weekend we go to one of our local restaurants, and the waiter comes up, and says, "We have a soup du jour today".....
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Your post reminded me of the time my daughter and I were having lunch at a local "French" cafe. I asked the young wait person, "What is the soup du jour?" He responded awkwardly that he didn't know but would ask.

He returned to reply, "The soup du jour is "the soup of the day'!"
I may have posted this here before but it is worth posting again.

My best friends brother is ordering and asks, "what is the soup du jour?"

The waiter responds, "The soup of the day..." and he pauses to think what is was. And before the waiter could answer and tell him what the soup of the day is,

My friends brother responds, "Sounds great I will have it!"

We all started laughing...

Originally posted by irwin:
ATM Machine.

I've even seen "Automatic ATM machine"

Personal bugbears: JSP Pages and Homicide Bombers.

I also can't stand the way in America "momentarily" is used to mean "very soon" rather than "for a short time".
Once when a waitress told me "Your beer will be with you momentarily". She was right. I was thirsty.

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