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I'd thought it was going to go ahead, though their prior communication a month or so back wasn't entirely clear.  Curious to see where the dust settles on these...seems like a lot of us have been doing a good job of decreasing our wine and spirits inventories, but obviously many not be searching out luxury item (or, alternatively, expensive necessities) purchases at this time.  Not much appears to be in my current budget but I usually can't resist bidding on at least one or two.

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It depends on what you look for, indeed. I usually try to get some old/matured Bordeaux. 

Just a few examples,

1988 Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou, you know what it is, is $560 at LCBO from Special Offers (Hurry up! Offer closes June 18th).

Lot #205 1988 Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou (4 bottles) was $1,440 plus HST.

2001 Chateau Lafit Rothschild ,out of my league, is $2,400  at LCBO, you can find it at several LCBO stores.

Lot #318 2001 Chateau Lafit Rothschild (2 bottles) was $2,040 plus HST.

Again, it depends on what you look for and we never know provenance of bottles before they get to Waddington's. However I haven't had any bad bottles from them (with my very limited experience). 

It's fun to participate even if I lose almost always.

HY, the prices for those wines at the LCBO were outrageously insane, which means the Waddington's auction prices were only insane. Either way, you need to run away screaming.

You can get the '88 Ducru-Beaucaillou at The Chicago Wine Co. for $130 USD. Add shipping to Lewiston and full duty (approx 53% of the Canadian value), your landed cost would be $270 CAD. 

sunnylea, That is true. it's good to know about CWC, thank you. 

futronic, HST is on top of price realized (20% on top of hummer price). That means that It ends up 35.6% on top of hummer price.

The fact (I don't mean it is a problem) is that we, Ontarians, can only  sell alcohol beverage under authority of LCBO and restaurants can only serve alcohol beverages which are purchased from LCBO or authorized retailer by LCBO including Waddington's. Be a seller seriously.

BTW, I really like wines from Ontario. 

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