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Are you looking for a sweet Vouvray or dry?

One of my favorite Vouvray producers is Pichot. Their dry wine is only about $12 and is quite good. Their Moulleaux is either $20 or $30, I forget, but is absolutely fantastic. It may be hard to find, however, bc WS rated it 97 points (!) last year.

Chateaux Moncotour (sp?) also makes some good wines.


"What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?" -- W.C. Fields
Wines from Huet.

I would also strongly recommend the Vouvrays from Prince Poniatowski. They are under the Aigle Blanc and Clos Baudoin labels.

If you caan find the Aigle Blanc 1989 Vin de Tris moullieux, it is awesome. The 1996 is aslo excellent.

In addition to the wine being excellent, the Prince is a delightful guy as he showed us his Chateau last summer. He was also a WWII resistance fighter and I believe POW.

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