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Originally posted by Dave Tong BBP:
I have never understood Vodka sauce. Vodka is a neutral spirit; it doesn't taste of anything. So why waste it in a sauce?
That's exactly what I was going to say! I just don't get it.

Adding vodka to a sauce that's being cooked makes little sense. It seems to me that the alcohol would cook off almost immediately, and what's left would be mostly water, which would also disappear in a few minutes, leaving behind only a few trace minerals.

Now, maybe a little vodka sprinkled over a dish might bring out some flavors, but adding it to a sauce that's going to be cooked strikes me as pure fashion, nothing more.

Am I wrong?
I can't locate the recipe, but I basically saute cherry tomatoes, diced onion and bell pepper in olive oil until the tomatoes pop, add vodka, reduce and then add basil and whipping cream.
Then probably had with pinot grigio because the hubbie was out of town. Love the sauce, don't remember the wine. This is something he wouldn't eat.
Here's a link to an America's Test Kitchen recipe for Penne alla Vodka. Can't vouch for this specific recipe, but everything I've made following Cook's Illustrated recipes has been above average to excellent.

Clicky......... and then select the recipe on the upper left.

Here's an interesting recipe for Garlic Cheese Bread that might be an nice accompaniment.

Often these links are left active for a short period of time and then discontinued, so you may want to check it out sooner than later.

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Originally posted by PURPLE:
Saw that also.
What America's test kitchen brought up is that the sauce taste better with a premium, filtered vodka.
They didn't mention any specific brand but did say the more expensive the vodka, the better the taste results were.

Actually, Kimball was holding a 750 of Grey Goose in the video, and they stressed that even compared to "good" vodka, that their blind testers preferred by far the "premium" super filtered vodkas.


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