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I'll give you a call tomorrow, but I would love to do Babbo on Saturday the 8th. You have to make a reservation a month in advance, which I would be happy to take care of. Mario Battali's food is to die for. The only issue is that they only take reservations for a table of 6. Thus it would limit the number of people who can come. Anyway, it's definitely worth it. Talk to you tomorrow.

If we go to Babbo, I actually recommend doing the wine pairing. The wines are usually excellent and the pairings are very well matched. They have a regular pairing and a reserve pairing. There is no doubt which one I usually choose. Additionally, as stealthman_1 stated they have an extensive wine list. However, the pours from the tasting menu are very generous. There have been a couple occassions where I had a hard time getting home after these dinners.


I might be able to do Saturday. I don't know. I've heard Babbo has very good food, but there are other options of great food places that allow BYO.

I'd look into Friday as well, but if others would like Saturday, you may want to consider a place that allows for more than 6 people and doesn't need a month in advance warning? I mean, people might want to jump in on this. You may want to leave this post up for a few more days and see how others feel. Just my Opinion.

Plenty of great restaurants that BYO. This IS NYC after all. Something for everyone!
I just spoke with Brettay, he's going to try to get the reservation for Babbo early Sunday evening, so we can have a BYOB off-line on Friday or Saturday night.

Hunter, would you be so kind to check into the possibility for a BYOB either Friday or Saturday night? Which ever fit your schedule the best. Thanks in advance.

Wine Wizard, which night are you dining with us?
I may be interested, depending on the time and place. Babbo does live up to the hype, but isn't my idea of a great venue for a knock-down, drag-out off-line.

If y'all decide to hit a somewhat more casual, free-wheeling joint during the weekend, please let me know. I'm sitting on a pretty obscene bottle of white Burg that would be ideal for an off-line.

Pyang, you should have my e-mail from our baseball league, but please post here if you've misplaced it.
I had a house emergency yesterday. Boiler went down in the house. Nice $3500 hit right before Christmas. Haven't had a chance to look into anything yet.

I did Email Board-O. Hopefully he can make it or will at least make a good suggestion. I'm pretty sure he has mentioned some good places to go in the past. I will look into it more, once my "new" burner gets installed.

Merry Merry Mad
We should try to keep us close to mid-town, if possible. Just easier for people who are training in, but away from theater district. I guess that is not a big deal, if a we find a winner that's down or uptown.

I don't think we want fat italian fare (ie carmines) for what we want. Carmines is a good place, but it is a belly buster (decant the alka seltzer) and is a madhouse for pre-theater crowd.

We also should think about reserving as early bird as possible. I don't know who can swing 6:00 or even earlier, but we will have a much easier time spreading out somewhere. And a place that has no bar is a plus for no crowd.
Rhone, Cru appears to be a bit pretentious.
As far as BYO is concerned, it will be difficult to find a premium restaurant in Manhattan that accepts it.

A Manhattan restaurant must rely on the ridiculous mark up of wine to help cover the ridiculous Manhattan rent.

I own a business in midtown Manhattan and have many fine Restaurants as customers. La Grenouille, Cellini, Shun Lee Palace, Vong, David Burke, Nello, Four Seasons.
Most told me the owner's would SHOOT them if they got wind of it. Yes, even for the mighty Wizard.

There are probably some in the area that will allow, however I have come up empty so far.
Yes, I here Pyang is getting a suite at the tubs and free booty someone said by Wine Wizard

Damn! I am glad my parents sent me to school in HERE Texas Big Grin

Do you HEAR what I HEAR?

Yes, I here Pyang is getting a suite at the tubs and free booty someone said.
Pyang hasn't mentioned honoring his rain check for the suite in Mandalay Bay instead for a suite at the Trump International Hotel yet...still waiting for the offer. Big Grin

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