For accomodations, I would like to stay near the wineries in Napa or Yountville...somewhere between chain hotels & high-end spas.

In the past, I have only visited Coppola, Mondavi, Freemark Abbey & Montelena, and I would love suggestions on new places to visit. Looking for wineries with reputations for fun tastings, beautiful grounds/surroundings and a relatively low-cost.

Thanks for your help!!
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My recommendations for tastings would be these...

Miner (the people are a lot of fun)
Chimney Rock
Cliff Lede (the owner is big rock n roll guy)
Alpha-Omege (new winery with a great staff)
Turnbull (my tasting host was a chef)
Hagafen (very unusual winery)
Twomey (fun people, unlike sister winery Silver Oak)
Saddleback (stop by and meet the owner, he's always there)
Goosecross (another fun tasting)
Honig (interesting as the entire place is solar powered).

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