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I am being transplanted to Columbia Maryland for a week for job. I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a offline in the area on the 16th. I was supposed to attend one in NYC but had to cancel, had the crazy idea of having one of my own. I can toss in a 2003 W.H. Smith Maritime Vineyard Pinot Noir for starters, dessert wine for finishers, maybe something in between?
Also around others nights as wife must stay at home. I am driving so I am thinking of bringing some gems for the week.
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Originally posted by KSC02:
Originally posted by wine+art:
You are so darn inflexible. Razz

I don't know what it is about the razz emotican that sends a shiver down my back. I think empty suit ruined it for me. Mad Roll Eyes Big Grin

This is so true. I've actually deleted the razzy in my posts a few times lately. We're LONG overdue for some new graemlins.

Originally posted by differentdave:
It could be any day that week not just the 16th. I ma probably going to bring 5-10 bottles with me just in case.

sarbuze my email is differentdave at yahoo dot com
purplehaze would like to lift a glass with you as well, as you seem to a staple round these parts.


I'd like to hoist one with you as well. Clarify the date thing for me. Are you clear on the 16th? I'm a little confused, but that's a normal state of mind for me lately... Wink Any shot of you making the offline on the 19th?

different dave:
You want to try to eat at Cafe de Paris in Columbia, a site of some offlines.
Please be sure to tell Erik, the maitre d' and owner, that you heard about the restaurant from the local Wine Spectator folks. He is very accomodating for us.
Plus, not far from Columbia is the Iron Bridge Restaurant and wine tasting place:
That's worth a visit if you'll be around all week.

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