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Kudos to fellow Forumite vinelouse for organizing a virtual tasting last night.  I popped by for a bit and it was more fun that I thought it might be. He held it using Skype and there were a total of 22 visitors, although only 6 or 7 of us were using webcams so I guess the rest were lurkers.  I'd do it again.

How about you?  Have you attended one?  How was it?  What platform was it on?  What did you like/dislike about it?  

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Have done a couple on another forum.  They were fun.  We used Zoom, which I’m quite familiar with as several of my clients use that platform.  A nice feature is you can create your own virtual background, so I used a couple pics of bottle lineups consumed at past offlines.

Hilarious thing was one forumite has several teenage kids, and they were all intensely interested in checking out what was going on.  Not like we were doing anything R-rated, but they thought their dad and all the other geezers were pretty cool to be utilizing online conferencing for a virtual happy hour.

We didn’t spend that much time discussing the wines, which is kinda typical of real world offlines IMO.  Definitely a nice way to maintain some visual connection with folks.  Will participate as much as I can.

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Kudos to all the participants who made this such a lovely experience. Skype is an easy accessible platform which works well for smaller groups.  You will see only the four most active participant displayed on the monitor. The remaining guests are indicated by their little round images. You do not have the option to alter the display. Everyone can talk at the same time which requires some restraint to keep this somewhat organized. You can turn on/off your own audio and video. Zoom I was told offers more features but requires an fee based account.

It is definitively a great way to safely connect with friends and raise a glass for a better future.

The host of the online conference will need to have a paid account with Zoom.  All other participants just use the app, which is free (and supply their own connection to the internet, of course).  IIRC, a license to host unlimited conferences for up to 100 users was $15/month.  Even if it were $50/month, it’s not a large sum of money.

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