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I got to taste the 2007 Solaia last Saturday at the winery. Colour was deep ruby. Aroma was mainly currant and blackberry. Tasting brought out mocha and a little bit of mineral character. Fairly high acidity makes it a good food wine. But what I liked most about it was the silkiness and beautiful integration of the flavours which seems surprising in such a young wine. Very impressive with not a hair out of place.

$250 is a lot of money, but I can just about see the value.
I bought the 2000 and 2001 Settimo Rocche as a regular Vintages product in the past. 2003 and 2004 were available through the agent only.

I agree that reliable producers should be fine in decent years (I don't want to discount 2005 too much as there were some decent wines produced), but it's still one of those things where I'll take a flyer and taste before going long.
I've had a couple scans through the release catalogue and read the TN's on some of my favourite blogs. I'm usually looking for sub-$30 value and sub-$20 value in my picks. I'm looking at picking up the following to try:

- Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru 1999 $26.95 - In the words of John Szabo: "Can this be possible? 1999 Beaune Premier Cru at half price?" 90Pts
- Hecht & Bannier Saint Chinian 2007 $22.95
- First Press 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon $19.95 - Anyone have thoughts on this? Can't find much info out there, Pinkus recommended it, but haven't found anything else.

Also the Domaine Zumbaum Clos Magniani Pic St. Loup 2007 $18.95 from last release should be arriving for Nov 13th according to my product consultant.
Originally posted by screwtop:
I had the First Press 2007 last night and enjoyed it. I think it's well worth the $19.95. Quite smooth and silky. The tannins were present and faded before I'd finished the glass.

Is this a Fred Defranza or Two Buck Chuck kind of factory wine?

The Vintages consultant who recomended it said that at the tasting he thought it was the equal of the Chateau Montelena. All I know is that it was a very drinkable Napa cab.
Originally posted by Bruce Hayes:
Has anyone tried the Torres Mas La Plana Cab? Just picked up three and am too chicken to crack one anytime soon to see where it stands.

I'm still drinking my 1997 Mas la Plana and they are superb cabs right about now. I've tasted more recent vintages and I think Torres has done a good job of maintaining quality over the vintages with just a few ups-and-downs due to climate. But overall, it's been a very consistent run and their prices have held reasonable. I'd be confident this was a good purchase and give it some time in the cellar.

I gave most of this release a pass (I'm about to get a major whack on Visa from my Classics purchases anyhow). I had the 07 Guado al Tasso on my last trip to Italy and I found it quite awkward, lighter than the 06 (remov ed syrah from the blend) and just a bit herbaceous (surprisingly). Maybe it'll turn out better with time, but I'd rather buy some of the wines coming in the next two releases.

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