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Originally posted by Rhonoceros:
Thanks Nicos. not a bad looking list. Any personal recommendations on the Chateauneuf-du-Pape's?

First pick in CNdP would be the 2006 Guigal and the huge price drop makes it more appealing. My concern is always value. For value, I'm going after the 2010 Domaine Montine Grignan Emotion. After the price drops, I can get 3 of the Emotion for 1 of the Guigal.

BTW if your local store does not have any product then ask them to check the warehouse for ordering direct. Otherwise, the store will need to transfer from another location before the price drop.

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2005 La Clemence was quite delicious, picked up lone bottle from QQ store. Called another story that showed 11 bottles in stock...response was "its not like inventory shows one bottle, I'm sure they are on the you really want me to go check???". I said no. And of course there were none on the shelf when I showed up...grrrr

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