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vertigo888 posted:
Bytown Rick posted:
Ciccio10 posted:
fowler52 posted:

Yup. Nov Classics has 1.5L, 3L, and 6L of Sassicaia.

Oh bloody hell!!! There goes my life savings... how much? 

$540 for 1.5 L

$1030 for 3 L

$5030 for 6 L

Those prices for Sass are almost reasonable. 

yah they are, the 1.5 and 3l for sure... whats with 5k for the 6l?  i still didn't a copy of classics today....

I picked up a Mag of the Sassicaia and some Ridge Estate.  My screen sat on the page before the order confirmation for almost 5 minutes before it went through.  But it finally did. 

As an aside, a 6 bottle limit of the Sassiciaia mags is idiotic when there are so few bottles, so it makes perfect sense that the Kommissars chose that as the limit. 

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