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Just wanted to share this handy tip, since I know several people on this forum have Vintage Keeper units to store their wine.

Over the past few weeks, I had been experiencing poor cooling in my Vintage Keeper 220. The unit was struggling to keep temperature at 57F, hovering at 60, then 65F, and starting to creep a little more. As soon as I saw that, I moved anything of value to an offsite storage facility and got in touch with Vintage Keeper, based in Mississauga, Ontario.

They said they thought that the compressor was failing since I told them I had been vacuuming the air intake vents regularly. They offered to repair the unit for $200CAD with no warranty, or replace my cooling unit for $425 with a one year warranty.

On Friday I called a local air conditioner/refrigerator repair shop and had them send someone over, wanting to verify that it was a compressor problem, or maybe see if the refrigerant needed a recharge or something like that.

It turns out the intake vent was clogged with dust, and that was causing the problem. Yes, the same vent that I had been vacuuming monthly since I got the unit. The technician told me that vacuuming through the vent is not adequate, and you need to remove the back plate that covers it. There are four screws, and takes about 2 minutes to do, including the vacuuming. You don't have to unplug the unit to clean the vent, and the suggestion is to clean it every six month.

At ths tech's recommendation, I left the unit unplugged for about 45 minutes (just because it had been running at such a high temperature for a long time, he recommended to let the compressor relax a little) and then plugged it back into the wall. Within an hour it was down to 60F (from room temperature), and later that evening it was down to 55F.

I was happy to give the guy $40, since he saved me over $400.

If anyone has one of these units, I highly recommned they pull it out from the wall and clean it regularly. I'd hate to see any wine get cooked or age prematurely when there's such a simple solution.
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Hey Fut,

I experienced the identical problem about a month ago and I too vacuum the unit on a monthly basis. I called them up and after explaining to them that I had performed all the trouble shooting proceedures from their website, I decided to drop my unit off for repair (mine is still under warranty). I dropped it off Monday morning 8:00AM sharp and received a call Wednesday around noon that it was ready for pick up.

I too figured that it was either a compressor problem or that the refrigerant simply needed topping up. I was unable to find out what it is they did to the unit but was pleased with the quick turn around given the extreme heat we have been experiencing lately. My unit is in my basement (coolest part of the house)so I simply cranked up the A/C a few degrees for the few days it took to get the unit back.

It took about a day or so for the temp. to go back down to 57 and the unit is working fine now.

Thanks for the tip.

My VK is on wood, so it's quite easy to slide forward enough to take care of this. Two people should be able to do that without wrecking your carpet (again, if it's on wood).

My unit was manufactured in 2001, and I don't have a furnace. That means no air filter, and therefore more dust.

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