Our friend from the north will be in town for business and is open 12/4. Free corkage at Adele’s on Tuesday makes it the logical choice. Who’s in? I also sent an email to the locals whose contact info I have. 

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Hey Bill, thanks for posting.  Even though I don't spend as much time on WS as I used to, it would still be great to break bread with my Chicago Wine Spec brethren. I remember at least one dinner at Adelle's and it was great.  IIRC, Redhawk was also at the table that night?

That was actually a restaurant connected to a hotel. While not at the level of Le Select in TO, Adele’s is certainly a step up from that place. And yes, Mr. and Mrs. Redhawk joined us that time! We had the pleasure of them visiting earlier this year.

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I've seen the emails and I believe there are yeses from myself and Mrs. TLV, Allred, Vino Me, Lady Vino Me and J3 so far.  It'll be nice to see everyone again.  Adele's always treats us very well, and you can't beat free corkage. 

Inside of two weeks, so maybe we are close to establishing a head count. Please advise of any additions if you know of them. I believe we are at 9 for sure with some TBD significant others.



billhike +1

Allred +1

Dan  +1?

TLV +1?

Vino Me +1?

Wine Sparty? +1?


At this point our “for sure” bottle will be a 2004 Bollinger Grand Anee. 2nd bottle may depend on theme/need. Considering 07 Beringer CS PR. If we are lacking whites perhaps a CdP Blanc. Could also consider a second Champagne such as Billecart Salmon Sous Bois.

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2012 E. Guigal Condrieu La Doriane.

Looking forward to this and thanks again Bill for your organizational efforts.

Vino me, Dan and tlv are confirmed +1, sparty is likely not available and the Otii (?) are also not available. That should put us at 12. Really looking forward to it!

Ah yes.. the new forums.. Not sure I have posted since the switch.  I heard rumor of Allred possibly bringing a Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin so I am planning to bring a '05 Domenico Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin Ginestra for side by side funsies.  Other bottle(s) TBD.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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2012 E. Guigal Condrieu La Doriane.

Looking forward to this and thanks again Bill for your organizational efforts.

Had one of these in January 2015 courtesy of aphilla at the same restaurant. It was fantastic then and I’m really excited to try one nearly four years later. 

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I will bring a 1997 Siro Pacenti BdM


I recall you bringing one of these to Vie a few years back. May it show just as well this time!

Wowzers. Seriously amazing dinner with the Chicago Wine Mafia. Thanks to Bill for organizing and everyone in attendance for their vinous contributions and enthusiastic hospitality. I might need some help posting the list but my WOTN was a tie between the ‘97’s: Siro Pacenti and Clerico Ginestra. 

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