Any of you who know me or have done and offline at my place undoubtably have seen buddy, my loyal companion. He has been my vineyard dog for 7 years, with me 24/7 in the vineyards and home. He passed away suddenly yesterday and I am left with a hole in my heart and a huge vet bill. Here is a linkto a picture of buddy and I in the vineyard.

I need to sell some wine to pay for the $2500 bill...for the most part wine I wasn't planning on selling. Here is the list prices are slightly lower than winebid averages:

2001 SQN Midnight Oil (RP96, hedonists gazette 97) $250 SOLD
2003 Clos des Papes Magnum (RP97, hedonists gazette 98) $245
2004 Domaine Leroy Vosne Romanee (BH95) SOLD
1996 d'Yquem (RP95) $195 SOLD
2001 Alban Seymour's (RP95) $150

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Sorry to hear this. We lost a pet about six months ago that had been with us for 10+ years. She left us with an $1800 vet bill.
thanks for the kind words guys. I hate to sell this wine...but I gotta do what I gotta do. All of this is available for pickup in Sonoma, CA.

PWG: I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I've got a handful of furry angels watching over me and I'm so grateful for every day we had together. And I understand completely about the vet bill. I'm still paying off a $2,000 vet bill from my ex-wife's mother's cat.
Thanks again to everyone for your emails and prayers. It helps a lot.

I have updated the list, please shoot me an email if interested in what is left.
I feel your pain. I understand vet bills. Sometimes I feel they are in the loop with insurance sales people and car salesman, but we can't live without them...the vets I mean.

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